Our DJ and music production lessons focus on the software and techniques that are used by the top industry professionals. We offer a wide range of courses to cover all levels; whether you are just starting out or are an expert looking for a deeper dive, we will tailor the course to best help you achieve your short and long term goals!

Featured Courses

DJ Lessons 

Get a guided tour through the equipment and software being used by the worlds top DJs. Learn the fundamentals and basic techniques that every DJ must know to be successful in the industry. 

Music Production Lessons

Learn how to take your ideas from conception to commercial ready production. You will be introduced to the fundamentals of music production and by the end have created your own unique beat from scratch using audio samples and MIDI programming.

Corporate Events

& Team Building

We offer corporate group DJ classes for businesses of all sizes as a way for teams to bond and do an interesting activity together. We provide equipment, some light beverages and snacks, and structure the class to be extra fun and interactive. Contact us if you want to schedule or learn more!

"...any creative endeavor can be incredibly challenging. But with guidance from the teachers/classes at Washburn, anybody can be empowered to flex that right side of their brain!"

- Justin I.


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