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Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions and we've got answers


Q: When can I schedule my lessons?

A: Anytime between 10am - 10pm, 7 days a week.


Q: How often should I schedule my lessons?

A: We recommend at least once a week, but everyone's schedule is different. We advise to go with the pace that works best for you!


Q: What do I need to bring for my first lesson or course?

A: Just yourself. Our studio is stocked with all the latest and greatest, industry standard equipment. We think taking notes helps, so we'd advise bringing something to write with and a notepad.


Q: Can I switch between online lessons and in-person lessons?

A: Absolutely, just let your teacher know and we'll make the change on our end.


Q: There are so many days and times available - Do you just put me with whatever teacher is available that day?

A: No, you will have the same teacher throughout your entire course. We believe it is the best way to monitor a students progress, strengths and weaknesses.


Q: Can I reschedule a lesson?

A: Yes! Click the "change appointment" button in your confirmation email. Remember - you MUST reschedule your lesson no later than 24hrs prior to your lessons start time.


Q: Do I need to take the Level 1 Course first, and then the Level 2.. and so on?

A: No, you can hop right into Level 2, which includes ALL of the Level 1 material.

*Upgrades between courses are available.


Q: Are courses available for private or group?

A: ALL courses are private 1-on-1 with your teacher. We believe this is the only way to tailor the learning experience to a students learning style and skill level.

*Group workshops are available on Saturdays @ noon.


Q: I have unused lessons. Can I have a refund for the lessons I did not take?

A: No, all sales are final. However, unused lessons are transferable or can be redeemed as gift certificates.

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