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Isabella Cai



Bay Area, CA & New York City, NY


Trap, Bass Music, Dubstep, Riddim, Bass House

Venue History

Slate Bar, Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, 1015 Folsom, YOLO Nightclub, DNA Lounge, Origin Nightclub SF


ON THE HUNT is an NYC-based, SF-born DJ/producer creating heavy beats in the bass trap music scene. Her tremendously successful track “The Force” with rapper Godmode has gained over one million streams on Spotify as well as being featured on, EKM.CO, Spotify’s “India Viral 50,” and more. Her unmistakably hard sound is quickly gaining notoriety, with tracks featured on Spotify’s "Fresh Finds: Hip Hop" playlist and the Trap Woofer YouTube channel.

The rising act has caught the eye of many across the industry with her uniquely bass-boosted, gripping productions. She has opened for well-known producers like QUIX and DYLN and received support from DJ Miss Milan (Saweetie’s official DJ) and DJ Supagi. ON THE HUNT’s music has appeared on numerous playlists curated by global tastemakers such as Liquid Stranger, Tribal Trap, BonHaus, Bass Slayer, ExtremeBassBooster, and more. ON THE HUNT has channelled her lifelong experience of moving across cultures and countries to adapt quickly to new musical styles and create versatile, captivating soundscapes which stand out amidst a crowded bass trap scene. When creating her self-described loud and dark bass tracks, ON THE HUNT feels a catharsis in the music she makes. Proudly coming out to her fans in June of 2021, the LGBTQ+ identifying artist wants to connect with a community of misfits and rage together,” she shares. When she sees a crowd “vibe with the stuff I make [it’s] awesome and spiritual.”

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